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IOSOT 2022

Poetology of the Peshitta Psalm 146: A Poetical Example of Translation

The Psalter has been transmitted to us not in its original form but through a variety of manuscripts (Mss) that appear to have been written by the last scribes who brought it to a conclusion. Thus, the Peshitta can be taken as a reliable witness to an Old Testament Hebrew manuscript prior to the Masoretic Text. In light of Peshitta's edition and study, it is evident that the Hebrew model / Vorlage followed nearly the same principles as the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible. There is even evidence of a vocalization of the Hebrew text that stands very close to the ancient Masoretic recording made many centuries later. In the present study, which is based upon the Leiden edition of P and the BHS edition of MT, we would like to concentrate our attention upon Psalm 146, which displays a number of similarities and differences between the MT and P versions as far as poetology is concerned.

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