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IOSOT 2022

Program IOQS

Monday, August 8

Room KOH-B-10

14.15-14.30 Opening IOSOT, Welcome addresses


Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki), The Lure or Relief of Ritualized Behavior: Cognitive and Cultural Readings of Scrolls
15.20-16.10 Nathan MacDonald (Cambridge), Turbulent Priests? Rethinking the History of the Israelite Priesthood
16.10-16.40 Break

Room KOL-G-201


IOQS Keynotes, Chair: Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki)

Keynote 1: Mika Pajunen (Helsinki), Thanksgiving as Public Proclamation

17.30-18.20 Keynote 2: Vered Noam, Ritual as a Polemical Arena
18.20-18.50 Refreshments
18.50-20.00 Welcome Addresses and Presidential address by Konrad Schmid (Zürich), The Composition of the Pentateuch as a Historical and a Hermeneutical Problem
20.00-21.30 Reception

Tuesday, August 9

Room KOH-B-10

11.20-12.00 Judith Newman, Time, Text, and Ancestors in the Memories of Israel: A New Perspective


Room KOL-G-201
Ritual issues in Yahad texts
Chair: Vered Noam (Tel Aviv)

David Larsen The Psalms, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and ‘True’ Temple Service at Qumran
Rebekah Haigh (Princeton) Ritual Violence and Militant Selfhood at Qumran
Michael Johnson Arranged for Performative Effect? An Examination of the Different. Sequences of Psalms on the Performative Reading of 1QHodayota and 4QHodayota
Jonathan Darby (Manchester) Singing and Meditation in the Dead Sea Scrolls

16.00-16.30 Break

Room KOL-G-201

Materials and Manuscripts
Chair: Mika Pajunen (Helsinki)

Bronson Brown-Devost, Nachum Dershowitz, Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra Automatically linking Dead Sea Scroll transcriptions to fragment images: Towards the letter level
Sophie Tätweiler The Barkhi Nafshi Texts from Qumran: A Methodological Approach to Material and Textual Reconstruction
Jeffrey Cross Paratextuality, Law, and History in the Cave 1 Rule Scroll

Room KOL-F-101

IOQS & IOSOT Parallel Session:
Conceptual Thinking in the Ancient Mediterranean World
Organized by Hindy Najman and Jan Dietrich
Chair: George Brooke

Wednesday, August 10

Room KOL-G-201

Aramaic Texts
Chair: Esti Eshel

Hugh Antonissen Looking for Further Information on a Symposium Oriented Worship in Aramaic New Jerusalem
Avigail Aravna Ritual Actions in a Sapiential Context in the Prayer of Levi
Robert Jones Priestly Lineage in the Aramaic Scrolls from Qumran

10.30-11.00 Break

Room KOL-G-201

Exorcisistic and Apotropaic Texts
Chair: Esther Chazon

Tupá Guerra (Brasília) The Movements of Protection: A Decolonial Perspective for Apotropaic Texts from the DSS
Menahem Kister (Jerusalem) Evil Powers, Exorcism, Exodus, and Deliverance

Thursday, August 11

Room KOL-G-201 / Live-Streaming:
Tradition and Authority
Chair: Arjen Bakker (Groningen)

Hila Dayfani (Oxford) The Second Tabernacle Account in 4QpaleoExodm
Blake Jurgens (Florida State) Order, Reorder, Repeat: The Ritual Functionality of Creation in the Dead Sea Scrolls

10.40-11.10 Break

Room KOL-G-201 / Live-Streaming:
History and Identity
Chair: Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham)

Isabell Hoppe Gaining Insight through Remembrance: Concepts of History and Concepts of Wisdom in 4Q185
James Nati (Berkeley) Understanding 4QNarrative and Poetic Composition (4Q371–373a) in Light of Jacob’s Vision in Jubilees 32
Corrado Martone (Torino) Interpretation as Performance: Qumran Texts That (Try to) Make History Happen

12.40-14.15 Lunch Break

14.15-15.00 IOQS Business Meeting (Room KOL G-201)

Room KOL-G-201 / Live-Streaming:
Ritual and Performance (1)
Chair: Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki)

Daniel Falk (Oregon) Rituals in Writing: Relationships between Text and Ritual Performance in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Ayhan Aksu (Groningen) The Opisthograph as a Liturgical Collection

16.00-16.30 Break

Room KOL-G-201 / Live-Streaming:
Ritual and Performance (2)
Chair: Daniel Falk (Oregon)

Mathias Coeckelbergs (Bruxelles/Leuven) Between Pronoun Patters and Identity: Using Network Centrality Measures to Detect and Visualize Liturgical Dynamics in the Hodayot
Noam Mizrahi (Jerusalem) The Praising Holy of Holies in the Seventh Song of the Sabbath Sacrifice
Michael Jost (Zürich) Beyond the Dichotomy of Mystical and Non-mystical Interpretations: On the Purpose of the Liturgical Community of the Yaḥad

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Live-Streaming IOQS Session

18th World Congress of Jewish Studies, streamed via Zoom

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